High-Temperature Greases

Greases for thermally highly loaded lubricating points up to service temperature 260กษ.

Pastes for high mechanical load capacity which protect effectively against corrosion. High-temperature Paste suitable up to 1000กษ.
  Heavy-Duty Greases

Greases with good wear protection under start-up and boundary conditions for mechanically highly loaded bearings and gears under extreme pressure conditions.
  High-Speeds Grease

Grease specifically designed for extremely high speed applications such as machine tool spindles up to Speed factor of 1,000,000.
  Greases for Plastics

Greases for long-term lubrication of plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, and some metal to metal substrates in automotive electro-mechanical applications.
  Greases for Gears

Heavy duty open gear greases containing a blend of high load carrying solid lubricants with good wear protection under start-up and boundary conditions.
  Greases for Bearings

Long-term greases for plain and rolling bearings in various lubricating conditions.
  Low-Temperature Greases

Greases with excellent lubrication performances down to low temperatures –70 °C
  Grease for Electric & Electronic Industry for Electric
& Electronic Industry

Greases for various applications and purposes in electric & electronic Industry
  Other Greases

Greases for electromechanical machine tools, high-vacuum greases, food grade greases, multi-purpose geases etc.